Thursday, April 3, 2014

GUNDAM BUILD CASTERS - Episode 25 - Promise

Our journey is almost over. Cane, Mickey, Michael, and GBF's Meijin discuss the final episode of Gundam Build Fighters. Was it a great conclusion to the series? We think so.

Kit appearances:

HGBF Star Build Strike:

MG Build Strike:

MG Universal Booster:


MG Build MK-II:

HGBF Exia Dark Matter:

MG Sengoku Astray:

HG Sengoku Astray:

HGUC Gerbera Tetra:

HGBF Wing Fenice:

HGUC Master Gundam:

MG Master Gundam:

MG Gouf 2.0:

HGBF Bearguy San:

Special Thanks to Gundam Reddit for summaries:

Chibi Gundams taken from twitter user Gamiani0

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